Focusrite Scarlett interface with Loopy

Hello everyone,

I am a bit new to recording, and I am looking to get a Focusrite 6i6 Scarlett interface.

It's mainly for recording into Logic, but I would also like to use it to record into Loopy.

My question: If I had a guitar, bass, and keys, plugged into seperate channels in the interface, how does Loopy recognise this?
Can I jump between instruments as I go, or do I need to unplug and plug the instruments back as I record each one? How would I go about this?

Any advice would be most appreciated.




  • I think Loopy currently records stereo pairs when you are using the app alone (without an audiobus chain). So input 1-2, or 3-4, or 5-6, etc.

    The way to work around this is to route audio through Audiobus, and you can select specific input channels inside of Audiobus. You could put all channels into one Audiobus lane (keep adding mic inputs) and put Loopy as the output.

  • Perfect. Thanks for the clear explanation :)

  • Hi guys

    I'm having a hell of a time trying to get my 6i6 working with Loopy HD. I can hear the metronome drum track playing back in the 6i6's headphones, but it won't record my guitar.

    Any other app I've tried picks up the guitar input (Cubasis, Garageband, Amplitube) but not Loopy.

    I tried using Audiobus as an input and that works, but then the latency is too high (even when both are set to 128 samples). Surely there has to be some way to get Loopy to work by itself with the 6i6?

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    Hey @randomtux. Have you got the right input channel selected? When the 6i6 is plugged in, you'll see a new 'microphone' entry in Loopy's panel switcher - there, you can select which channel (or stereo pairs) to record. Sound to me like maybe you've got the wrong channel selected.

    Regarding latency: the Scarlett range of hardware seems to have a problem with the latest version of iOS for some people (including me), where the latency is huge, about half a second. You can generally fix it by unplugging and re-plugging the hardware, I believe.

  • @randomtux - I don't have a 6i6 or a multi channel audio interface, well not more than 2 (stereo) channels. However take a look at this:

    It appears that you will need to connect to a PC/Mac, setup and save its internal routing.

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    Thanks for the quick help guys! I had tried the different routing options @Ganthofer but with no luck.

    @Michael: Chalk this one up to user error. I didn't understand what that panel was with the groups of six dots. The videos I'd seen on Loopy were old and didn't show this. Now I see it's a channel selector!

    Once I picked the right one, it started recording fine. Yay!

    It's late here so I'll give this a good play tomorrow and check out the latency. It doesn't seem bad right now.

  • Even when i select the right dots, i’m Getting monitoring but not recording for some reason. Channel 1+2 not recording, but will record when dot 1 is selected , then dot 2 selected for the next loop. You got 3 dots to monitor and record simultaneously?

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