Loopy Crash

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I do not know what has happened: same hardware, same cables, no other program installed, loopy now crashes soon I connect the Tascam US-800.


  • ok problem partly solved.
    After a reset the iPad, Loopy does not crash if I use only the first 2-channel sound card.
    Just choose channel 3 or higher, Loopy crashes.
    ...that's something... :\
  • Cheers for the info, @Thore - stay tuned, I'll have a look. I may need to contact you again to get the crash log; the reporting system I'm using seems to not be working properly unfortunately.
  • Ok Michael, no problem.

    Another things: if possible take a look my discussion "MIDI Function: REC/Mute on/off and Select same track" in Techniques.

    Thanks for Your time.
  • Hey again - I was right, I'm having trouble identifying the particular crash you're seeing. Would you be able to send me the crash logs associated with those crashes? First, note the time and then recreate the crash, so you can identify which crash log it is, then follow these instructions to send them to me: http://atastypixel.com/support/crashes
  • OK Michael,
    soon as I get home I will send the report.
  • Hey @Thore - I've just sent you an email about joining the Loopy prerelease testing program, if you don't mind. I'm pretty sure I've got this addressed, but I'd really like to know for sure.
  • I'm just registered my account.
    Thanks for choosing me!
  • Lovely, thanks! You should have a build ready to go, in your email.
  • same problem here with the rme ucx...when choosing other inputs loopy crashes :((

  • Sorry about that, @lauflicht - it's all fixed up in the next update, which I'll be releasing ASAP.

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