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Audiobus Remote and Loopy

Allowing AB remote to work on same device is awesome. The slide over pane is so handy.

I tend to drag loopy's menu pane over when trying to access the slide over AB remote. Anyone figure out a trick to avoid this? Or better yet, Is there any way to clear/delete tracks using the AB remote slide over panel? Then I could keep TJ as the forefront app and strictly use AB remote to control loopy.


  • Strange, my Loopy menu pane is on the left side of the screen (landscape) and the AB Remote is on the right. So no conflict.

  • My iPad case is oriented so the Lightning port is on the right hand side so that is how I always use it on my mic stand mount to keep everything consistent. Yours must be flipped the other way since the menu pane switches when flipping.

  • Ah, yes, I see that now. Might be worth it to flip your case?

  • Flip a smart case? Hmm, sorry, nope not a Jedi. ;)

  • Sorry, it's Friday. And it's been a long week... That was about the stupidest thing I've thought/said in a while! :*

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