About to make a purchase, any issues with this live loop set up?

I have been using loopy hd with an acoustic guitar and condenser mic, and would like to beef it up.

I am thinking about upgrading and buying the FSB1010 and Istudio202.

Does anybody else have a set up similar to this: Ipad 2 w/ loopyHD + Istudio 202 + FCB1010

All i am trying to do is play guitar and add vocals at home.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


  • I use Loopy HD with Roland UA25EX and the FCB1010. Works great!

  • @ABrokenRecord, is there anyway you could lay out your exact set up. What Ipad? Monitors? Microphone?

    I have a samson usb condenser mic and headphones. I don't have pick ups on my acoustic, and was hoping to just use the condenser mic to do both guitar and vocals. Eventually, i plan to get a guitar with the ability to plugin, but my budget is limited. Thanks in advance.

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