Binding issue - HELP!

Hi gurus, I've spent the day trying to set up my SoftStep 2 with the Loopy HD app. My set up is as follows:

Loopy HD app on iPad > Focusrite iTrack Dock > SoftStep 2 foot pedal

I used the SoftStep basic editor to create a custom preset. However, where I get stuck is the bindings stage. I go to "Control Inputs", select the iTrack Dock. I hit "Add Binding" and manage to add the first one. However, when I try to add a second binding, and I step on the foot pedal to add the Event, the "Save Binding" button is inactive, and under the "Reset" button it says "Reset bound to 'Toggle record". I'm stuck - can't add more than one binding. This is killing me - please help!


  • you can´t create more than one binding with the same note number or cc number or pc number coming from the softstep2. please check the layout of the softstep.

  • sorry, that´s not correct. you can create bindings with note on, note off, hold events (same note number, same pedal, but not the same event).

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