Seperate Metronome via second Device possible?

Hi! I am using an iPad 2 with loopy HD. It is connected via CCK to an USB-Hub -> audio: Behringer UCA 222 and midi: FBC 1010 controller. Is it possible to start a session without a metronome on the iPad – the metronome comes from a wireless synchronized iPhone 5 with loopy HD? Wirelessly because i dont want to buy a second CCK... I was able to link both, the clock i tapped on the iPad 2 was synchronized on the iPhone. But when i started the session on the iPad, the iPhone does not start too. Do I have to set a binding?


  • when you sync apps on different iphones/ipads via link you have to start/stop each app separately.
    link doesn´t send start/stop messages. if you start loopy on the iphone manually (with the right tempo) right before you start loopy on the ipad you can start loopy (ipad) at any time with your fbc 1010. loopy (ipad) will follow the given tempo of loopy (iphone) and you can stopp loopy (ipad) at any time while the metronome still runs.

  • Even with Link, you can still send start/stop MIDI messages via network session in Loopy on two devices. I've got a binding set up on my main iPad that sends out start/stop messages to two other iOS devices that are "Link"d together. Works fine.

  • thanks, i´ll give it a try with my two ipads.

  • Hi, owi. Wow, this is great - i tested. Both devices are always synchronized, even if one is stopped in between. After starting again, loopy waits, until both clocks are synchronized.

    @lukesleepwalker: How did you do it? My problem is to loop some beats played on a Roland TD 6 E-Drum-Kit at the begin of a session. After finishing, I leave the drum-kit, and my main-Playing is done with a Roland GR 55-Guitar. So the FCB 1010, which sends midi-bindings to loopy on an iPad2, is standing away from the drum kit.
    The metronome-problem, i solved with your help. But how can i start recording on the iPad2 while sitting behind the drum-kit, only having the iPhone as a controller? The easiest would be Audiobus remote via blutooth, but sadly it does not work with an iPad 2.
    How can i do it via network session? I think i have to set a stat/stop message on the iPhone which will be received by the iPad. I tried on the iPad: control inputs -> network on -> iPhone (as selected input) -> add Binding -> action rec on/off -> then i pushed the play button on the iPhone (this shall be the command for the iPad to start); but set binding is not activated / possible.
    Maybe it is not possible to send equal midi-Bindings from different devices within the same session? In my case i try to bind rec on/off to loopy from the FCB 1010 AND the iPhone...

  • Right, so I don't think you can set that binding because it's already set with the FCB 1010. The way I would approach this is to mimic the same MIDI binding from the iPhone as you send with the foot controller (that is, send the exact same CC or PC message). Given that your metronome can run in the background in Loopy, I'd just find a MIDI controller app that works with iPhone with an interface that looks doable from behind the drum kit. If it was me, I'd probably be looking for something with some big fat colorful buttons that I can't miss (i.e., the opposite of Launchpad)...

  • Update:
    It is possible to set bindings from different devices. Yesterday I looked for a binding I did not use on the iPad with the FCB 1010. On the iPad i set iPhone as input device, then i selected "rec then select next track" as binding, and pushed the "play"-button on the iPhone. The binding could be saved on the iPad, and it works.

  • Ah, that's another good solution. Glad it worked out!

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