MIDI Function: REC/Mute on/off and Select same Track

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Hi Michael,
you can implement MIDI function in question?

Basically I need to automatically select the track in REC (or in play) to immediately adjust pan and volume with my MIDI pedalboard.


  • Hmm - do you mean something like "Select currently recording track"?

    I'm not sure how you'd identify a particular playing track, as usually you have more than one playing at a time.
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    YEP Michael exactly.
    Example: You may implement the function Select track, giving the possibility to choose the track number.
    So I can assign the "track record" to event "note on" and "select track" to event "note off".
    In this way I can always adjust, in realtime, volume and panning of the track I'm playing ;)
    (obviously using loopy with midi pedalboard) :)))
  • Okay, let me have a think about the best way to make that happen. Cheers for the input!
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