3 2 1 go (possible?)

Is there a way to have Loopy count me in audibly (after I've clicked the button)?

What I would like to do is hit the button and then hear (like): tick... tick.... tick...[now-it's-recording]. So far I can sort of do that by getting the metronome going, but then the metronome click is recorded in the loop.

I bought Loopy to help me learning guitar, specifically improvising with scales over a short chord progression. What I am hoping to be able to do is click the button... take a little while to set my fingers and get my eyes on the guitar, hearing some kind of count down ("3 2 1 play") and have the loop start then. Then I could play my three chords and they could loop back to me while I play the relevant scales and such.

So far though the best I can do is to watch the little winder light go around the button and try to start when it gets to 12 o'clock.. but I'm a beginner at guitar so starting on time is a feat for me that way alone... but add-in getting to the strings I want with my strumming hand without using my eyes, and I am wasting a lot of time trying to get a usable loop.

Is there a checkbox I'm missing?


Also (I don't expect this to be in there so am thinking of it as more of a feature request... if click-in/then-record is not already a feature request) it would be helpful if Loopy could to the light thing to tick me out of a loop... so like:

tick... tick... tick...[chord1--chord2--chord3]...flash... flash... flash...[loop over]

so that I could release the last chord just before the end of the loop to end up with a pleasing little song.

Thanks for ant help.

PS - I just bought Loopy HD (so am a total noob). I did try searching the forums a bit (so I apologize if this is answered).


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    you're a beginner - mistakes are allowed - in fact they even are appreciated
    you learn by them... give yourself a little time and just do it
    progress comes faster as you may imagine now... and usually the landmarks come quite unexpected
    it's important to adapt yourself to the environment (to grow)
    if you do it the other way round (adjust the environment to your convenience) you'll be lame forever ;)

    cheers, Tom

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    Sorry about the delay in answering this one - I think this is worth considering, although I'm not totally convinced that it's a viable solution yet. While it does give you the timing at the start, if you can't hear the metronome while recording the first loop, then it's going to be pretty easy to drift out of time while playing...

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