Link no sync in 7/8

cant get it to sync with irregular rythms.. Anyone can confirm?


  • Tried again , with elastic and patterning. When you change the time sig from 4/4 to lets say 7/8 the tempo jumps up to strange value and its out of sync.

  • Yeah, I just did a test and it didn't react the way I expected. But odd time signatures have always felt weird in iOS apps to me.

  • I was just trying this yesterday! What I noticed, trying to sync a Gadget song in 7/8 with Loopy via Link:

    The beat is cycling around in Gadget every 7 beats, and I haven't started anything in Loopy yet. But Loopy seems to be following the tempo at 8 beats instead of 7, so when I hit the record button in Loopy at what sounds like the top of the measure of my 7/8 beat, Loopy is actually somewhere in the middle of its measure. So it waits until it gets to the top of its measure, which is now late compared to my 7/8 Gadget beat. Then I try to stop recording at the end of my 7/8 beat, but my Loopy part waits one more beat and now it's looping a 7/8 performance in 8/8. Kinda cool but not the intended result!

  • ipad air1, ios 8.4, loopy hd and loopy (for iphone), both set to 7/8:
    i can hear the metronome 1-2-3-4-5-6-7, 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 etc.
    and looping some stuff with this works for me.

  • another ipad air1, ios 8.4, loopy hd, 7/8, on the same network (wifi) with the ipad (see above)
    synced optimally.

  • @owi said:
    another ipad air1, ios 8.4, loopy hd, 7/8, on the same network (wifi) with the ipad (see above)
    synced optimally.

    Its not working, i think u missed something. Try it with any other app it doesn't doesnt sync. In 7/8

    Can please have a fix for this ??

  • what i did worked. now i´ll try it with another app. then i´ll report back.

  • @Yonhorizon, sorry, but you´re right.
    when i put patterning (100 bpm) in the input (ab) and loopy hd in the output i got 175 bpm in loopy hd.
    loopy to loopy hd synced well.
    @michael, please...

  • Hey guys,

    Ah. Bugger. This is an unintended consequence of Loopy syncing 4/4 bars, rather than beats. That works great for the usual case where the other apps're in 4/4, because one can then put other time signatures against the 4/4 (3/4 against 4/4 is quite fun, for example). The alternative, which I decided against at the time in ignorance of this result, is pretty much the scenario you describe, where the bars no longer sync up because it's then syncing on the individual beats.

    It's probably more important to be able to sync two identical non-4/4 time signatures together, than put two different time sigs together, though, so I think I'll need to change this.

  • thanks in advance for this, @Michael.

  • No problem =)

    Just got it working correctly in the dev version, will make it available soonish.

  • Thanks michael. Here in the middle east 9,10,12,7/8 is very common

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