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Live Performance Rig Help

edited July 2012 in General
I'm currently getting rid of my Digitech JamMan an planning on replacing it with Loopy and a Midi Foot Controller. My current Rig uses a Wah Pedal, Overdrive, Delay, Octave, and a Rotary Simulator Pedal running into a smaller mixer (that also has a Hand Sonic and a Microphone plugged into it) that I want to run the output to the iPad. Then, that out into a GigRack amp into JBL speakers (15").

I currently have the iRig and I hate it. The sound quality is awful and I could not use it live as I pride myself on quality. I need to upgrade. My question is what hardware should I get to keep the sound quality of my acoustic electric and all other instruments. I really like what the Apogee brings to the table as far as quality, is that a good one to use for live performance?

Also, what is a good Midi controller to use to control loopy. I need to be able to turn off all loops at once, and be able to turn on/off loops independently as well. I like the price of the Behringer, but it seems a bit big. I'd like to keep the total budget under 300 if possible.

Any help, suggestions, or sp comments would be appreciated.



  • Also, is there anyway to have to recording start when the first sound is played, instead of the push of the button?
  • Not yet, @ABrokenRecord, although I'm considering adding the functionality.
  • Is there currently a function to stop all loops at once? Or do you need to stop each one individually? Before selling my other loop pedals, I would need to be able to stop all at once.
  • I've just added a "Mute all tracks" MIDI action for the next point release, coming soon =)

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