Loopy and iRig BlueBoard: using MIDI over Bluetooth to create Note-On, Note-Off and Hold bindings

Well, this is a major improvement in functionality of my newly acquired BlueBoard!

The quest has been to enable sending momentary controls from the BlueBoard, since this enables the use of a 'Hold' binding in Loopy. Let me point out that the default user mode of the BlueBoard only sends 'latch' messages, so holding one of the buttons down does nothing, since the only message registered is the actual button press. By using one of the MIDI over Bluetooth options, finally button release is registered as well, letting the user hold a MIDI note or CC by just holding and releasing the button.

I may be a bit late with this 'discovery', but I figure this might help new users who might be struggling to make this work. What I'm writing about took quite a few hours of research due to IK Multimedia's poorly written manual and due to the fact that newer BlueBoard units have apparently had their firmware upgraded to version 1.2.0 (by the way, the PDF online manual, dated July 2015, claims an updater will be available soon, but the updater is still nowhere to be found).


  1. Make sure your BlueBoard has firmware 1.2.0. installed. (Don't know exactly how to check it, but if I turn mine on while pressing the B or C button, that button lights up for a second or so.)
  2. Make sure your iPad is running at least iOS 8 (the first iOS version compatible with MIDI over Bluetooth).
  3. Download the free [url=https://itunes.apple.com/app/midi-le/id925495245?mt=8#&uo=8&at=10lPzZ]midimittr[/url] app from the App Store.
  4. Set your BlueBoard to MIDI over Bluetooth mode 1 or 2 by holding the B or C button, then turn it on.
  5. Make sure Bluetooth is turned on on your iPad. :)
  6. In midimittr, open the Clients tab, where you should find your Blueboard. If not, go to the Advertisement tab and enable 'Advertise MIDI Service'.
  7. From the Clients tab in midimittr, connect to your BlueBoard.
  8. Go to the Routing tab and check your Blueboard both in the Sources and Destination lists to enable two-way communication (for LED feedback - I suspect this feature would be supported depending on each individual music app).
  9. Go to your app of choice and set up your BlueBoard as an input device. Voila`! :)


  • Now, this hasn't entirely solved my problem... When I try to set up a binding in Loopy using MIDI over Bluetooth, for some reason I can only choose the note C-1 or CC#0. Holding down a button on the BlueBoard makes the actual note or CC# appear for a split second, but it instantly reverts to C-1 or CC#0. WTF?

  • Update:

    I found a better app to take care of all this: Midiflow. Just filter out any note outside of the C4-F4 range and you're good to go!

  • Wow, so skip the long instructions above by just using the note filter in MIDIflow? Very useful

  • @bass0 said:

    I found a better app to take care of all this: Midiflow. Just filter out any note outside of the C4-F4 range and you're good to go!

    Hi, could you please describe the setup of BlueBoard in Midiflow step by step? I've been struggling with this for quite a while and still haven't figured out anything. My desire is to also be able to make the 'hold' bindings in Loopy. So far I've been limited to the 4 buttons the BlueBoard has. Thanks for help!

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