Loopy working with the Audiobox iTwo interface (Presonus)

I'm using the iTwo to record guitar or voice into loopy (though I'm mostly sure both could be recorded together at the same time as loopy had switches to indicate whether it should record sound from the L, R or L+R channels). Ask me to try, if you want to be sure.

Though there is no hint in the documentation of the interface, I can attest that loopy can be controlled from a midi pedal board connected to the iTwo interface via DIN connectors (midi in and out). It's a must-have for us guitarists as our hands are already busy on our favorite axe usually :p

When connecting the iTwo to the iPad, the output of the iPad is sent back to the interface, to which you can connect both a headphone and monitor speakers. There is a button to control the mix between the sound coming directly from the instruments and that coming back from the iPad (eg, sent by Loopy).

The iTwo suffers from being not powered by the iPad (I guess like other interfaces), so you need to power it up via a regular USB plug. But buying a USB battery for charging phones should be ok. This reduces the number of power plugs you need, which might be important when playing live ;) I'll post on that later to confirm the iTwo can be operated in random places (I ordered a battery recently).


  • I've been using the Audiobox iTwo for several months. Here's some tips...

    Use Audiobus along with JamUp to allow you some great guitar tones for your loops (especially handy for the octave pedal so you can drop a quick bass loop).

    Connecting an iPad/iPhone to the Device (Mfi) USB port will trickle charge them. It's not enough for the device to recognize and show the charging icon, but it does slowly charge.

    If you want to connect USB MIDI compliant devices, you'll need to buy the apple camera connection kit (CCK) and a powered USB hub. Simply plug your iPad into the hub and connect you iTwo via the USB port (not the MFi port) and any additional USB devices. I connect a line 6 shortboard mkii and use it to control both Loopy HD and Jamup.

    If you want some beats to go with your loops, get a Beat Buddy (google it). Connect it to the MIDI IN of your iTwo and your loops will sync with the drums.

  • @ruairionline when you connect the USB MIDI compliant devices thru the CCK, does the trickle charge still happen? If it does it'd be superb!

  • @Yurisan said:
    @ruairionline when you connect the USB MIDI compliant devices thru the CCK, does the trickle charge still happen? If it does it'd be superb!


  • owiowi
    edited February 2016

    sorry, the trickle charge didn´t work for me anyway. i tested it with two ipads (air1, ios 8.4, audiobus, loopy hd, latest versions). one ipad=itwo, the other alesis io2. both ipads discharged steadily. i couldn´t notice
    any trickle charge on the itwo.

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