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Recording bars from another apps

Happy New Year everyone!

I'm having some trouble working out this whole IAA midi clock thing and I'm wondering whether you can help.

I've got Fugue Machine running and sending audio (via Audiobus) to Loopy but what I can't work out is how to get Loopy to record a bar automatically. I don't want to have to tell Loopy when to start and stop manually; I'm presuming there's a way to do this. But where to start?

Do I begin with Fugue Machine and set it playing and then hit record in Loopy and hope it stops on one bar?
Or do I begin in Loopy and somehow trigger Fugue Machine to play one bar?

I definitely have them talking to one another; but Fugue Machine doesn't seem to set the tempo on Loopy (if it's the first loop) and won't stop after one bar (it just starts and stops when I hit record manually).

Thanks in advance.


  • Hi James - apologies for the delay.

    Do you have Link turned on in both apps? It should happen automatically if you're using the latest version of Audiobus - you can tell because there'll be a bright white "Link" badge on both apps in Audiobus. If that's enabled, then you should be able to go into Loopy and turn on count-in and count-out recording, set the length to 1 bar, and then hit Record from either Loopy itself or the Loopy record icon in the Audiobus connection panel.


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