Lightening connector not as good as regular?

Hi guys. I've got the I pad air with the lightening connector and I've been getting some crackling. I'm wondering if the old I pad 1 & 2 connectors are better because of how it actually locks in there a little bit. I plug it into a Focusrite Idock and it seems to lock in there pretty good but I've noticed quite a few people use loopy on the old I Pads still. Is this why maybe? And would it be ok to spray contact spray on this? I know that can solve that kind of static sound.... Anyways happy new year and cheers!


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    @Dave79 - I wouldn't recommend spraying anything into the lightning connector on your iDevice, primarily because I'm not sure that it is a sealed socket and that the liquid would not find its way into the inside of the case. The Insertion and removal of the lighting jack plug should keep the contacts clean, but the residue and lint may buildup in that small hole, so I would suggest using compressed air.

  • Duh! I even have some and didn't think of that. Thankyou lol. Which I pad do you have Ganthofer?

  • I have and Air (1) and iphone 5C ( also an iPad 3 -- currently loaned out)

  • Ever have crackling or a static problem?

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    @Dave79 - My phones on the current 9.x and my Air is on what ever the last 8.x was. I eally haven't done much with external audio inputs in the last 8-9 months, and typically only using AB with 2 to 3 Apps, but haven't had any clicks/pops/etc that I noticed. That being said, I don't really do Live performances, mostly record ideas and try to assemble songs, and/or jam along with interesting bits I have.

    The crackling/static noise problem can be so varied in source (from my reading of post here and else where), that it is very difficult to nail down. Especially if it is not reprocucible with a specific setup/sequence ... The source could be analog or digital in nature.

    Things that could possibly have an effect (IMHO) are, but not limited to:

    Background application running - turn off everything that is absolutely not required for what you are doing (e.g. notification, alarms, cell, wifi). If you use or have used IAA, these can sometimes still be running even after closing the app that they were used in (I think there were some discussions on the AB Forum about how to make sure IAA instances are closed). A Power Off via Holding the ON button and then "slide to oower off" is a good starting point.

    Free space - I have read hints that running low on freespace might contribute to similar problems, I can see how this could theoretically happen, but I don't know enough details on how iOS works to say one way or the other.

    Externally connected devices - obviously, bad physical connections or defective/sensitive interfaces. These can sometimes be ruled out by trying just an internal signal chain (assuming you are using AudioBus) and substituting an iOS app as the audio source and speaker/headphones as output. Power is always a potential source for this when using external devices as well as the quality of the devices themselves. If using a CCK, Apple brand (more expensive ;)) tend to cause less problems (maybe for a reason ;)). Others may work just fine, but if your trying to make a living or just expect reliability, you know the story. While the USB device connecting to the CCK may be capable of running off it's power, trying a powered USB hub may prove that it's actually just getting by and undervoltage on a digital audio device can certainly effect sound quality.

    If it records this way to Loopy (or some other app), a short example file (wav/aiff uncompressed file format) with the signal path described/diagramed, would be interesting to hear what it is you are hearing. You'll have to use the Copy in built-in Sharing and Paste in another App to send wav files or get it through iTunes file sharing. The Mail in the built-in Sharing, only send m4a.

    Good luck and please let us know if you solve the issue and even if you don't.

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