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Group tracks together to start and stop

Hi there,
Couldn't find what I needed by searching. I'm trying to find a way to group multiple tracks together into sections that I can start and stop during playback. The only way I found to do it on the forums is by using another app that sends multiple midi signals for everyone I put in. Is there no way to do this without doing that? And if not is there an app that is simple and cheap? I'm nervous about adding more apps into my set up because I fear that produces quality makes the iPad work harder and increases the possibility of aggression. I'm not sure whether these concerns are warranted though.

Thanks in advance


  • @james948 - there is no Grouping feature. There have been posts discussing this and I do believe @Michael has plans for this in Masterpiece. As long as we are talking about Midi and not Bluetooth keyboard input, then Midi Designer Lite used to be free, but is now $999USD, but Midi Designer Limited is $0.99USD and you would use the Super Controls function to have one midi command send out multiple other midi commands. I would expect that MidiBridge, as well as some of the other Midi apps would be capable of something similar. If your into MobMuPlat, it would be possible to write a simple midi mapping and control template for it.

  • Thanks for all your help!

    I'm going to go ahead and mess around with Midiflow which I downloaded. I'm really hoping masterpiece edition comes out soon-ish though ... !

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    @james948: yes Michael has planned this for the MasterPiece Edition. See here : https://forum.loopyapp.com/discussion/2141/how-do-you-verse-chorus-bridge-favorite-midi-bindings#latest

    But for the moment, maybe a workaround would be to merge tracks you want to launch together into a single loop. This is done by pressing in the middle of a loop and dragging it into the middle of another loop.

    This should work correctly for loops of the same duration, but not sure of the effect on loops having different sizes :*

    PS: of course you can keep a copy of the original tracks if you want to still have them separately for later mix. To do that just make a copy of one of the loop you want to synchronize (press in the middle of a track for long time, then choose Share, then Copy, then select an empty track, and press long, this time choose Import, then select General Pasteboard, and you're done).
    Btw, someone needs to make a post about Copy/Cut/Paste with Loopy. This is indeed possible by playing with the record button and then using audiocopy. But it's not a straightforward operation as loopy was not really done in a DAW perspective. But I guess this will be available in MPE.

  • Awesome. Thanks so much for this. I got it working with midiflow.
    Unfortunately, I can't get my "mute" button to also work as a "clear" button when held down. I've set it to but it just mutes; is there a trick to this. How do I stop it reading as "mute" on press down when I'm going to hold it down for "clear"?

  • @james948 - what are you trying to use as the midi binding? CC,PC,Note,...? using Note On/Off seems to be the simplest way.

    Take a look at this:


  • @james948 - I'd like to see how you have accomplished the grouping with Midiflow. I'm considering apps to use also with Loopy so that I could possibly replace my RC-300 for my live sets. Thanks!

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    Hi guys,
    I'm trying to do the same thing. I have MID foot controller, that can send multiple midi commands. But the problem is that I can't find how to unmute tracks.

    For example I can mute 3 tracks. But there is no unmute command. Toggle mute dose not do the job, because it starts recording when track is empty. I want to batch mute 3 tracks, while at the same time unmute other 3 tracks.
    How can I do that without unmute function?

    Another question. Is it possible to start/stop or mute/unmute tracks at the start/end of the loop? Now I can do that immediately, but it will be useful if I can do that at start/end of the loop. Something like Ableton Live?

    Thank you.

  • anyone ?

  • You may need to wait for Loopy Masterpiece for these - Masterpiece is gonna have much more flexible MIDI control, as well as one-shot mode for tracks.

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