loopy and mic - pops & clicks

Hi there,

I run loopy on an ipad mini 2, os 9.2, using a focusrite itrack dock as well as an apogee duet. As soon as i run loopy and use my mic (with or without audiobus), i get occasional pops and clicks (this is not clipping, happens irregardless of the mic gain!). It is the same when i run loopy in audiobus.

Would appreciate any hints how to resolve this. Thanks!


  • This also happens when i set the latency to 512 frames. however, the issue seems to be caused by the 256 frames setting initially, and then kind of keeps annoying me also at a lower frame rate.

  • Hey @elmrule - are you hearing these pops in the monitored audio, or in the loop playback?

  • In both. I just checked other forums, pops and clicks seem to be an issue in ios 9...guess I should have waited with the upgrade. I also have the same issue with other apps, like cubasis when recording guitar. so it is not loopy's 'fault' apparently.

  • That's an issue I've been having sometimes as well and is no Bueno cause I perform live. I've strted to wonder if it's the lightening connector that doesn't connect as well as the 30 pin?!?! Have you figured it out?

  • I was getting something similar to what you're describing. Try disabling noise gait/expander in general settings in Loopy. Hope it helps.

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    it's most likely related to what iConnectivity explain on their site:

    I've had those clicks with an iPad Air2 and the iConnectAudio 4+ (completely unusable)
    after setting the iPad as clock master (as written on the site) everything was ok again
    unfortunately that setting isn't available for all interfaces

    cheers, Tom

  • Is there any chance you have wifi enabled? I used to have glitches at about ever 60 seconds, it turns out my email was pushing updates even though all apps were closed.

    When I'm doing a serious session but need wifi for MIDI I turn off push in email.

  • Thanks for sharing the pain, guys. In my case, I tried every possible combination (different latency settings, wifi off, different apps, different devices, iPhone 5S as well as iPad mini 2). As soon as there is live input (vocals or guitar), the almost constant clicks are there (and are also recorded). So I basically cannot do any serious iOS recording or looping anymore.

  • Ugh, that's horrible. Accordingly to the link @telefunky shared, it looks like Apple have a fix in the works, so maybe in 9.3?

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