Headphone output

I have my Bluetooth headphones connected to my phone, but Loopy is putting the sound out via the phone speaker. No other app is doing this. I'm having a problem where my current loop is recording all the previous loops along with it because the monitoring is coming through the phone speaker instead of my headphones. How do I fix this?


  • @csmith1281 - unfortunately the answer is to use wired headphones. There are some discussions here on the forum about bluetooth headphones (and speakers). If I remember correctly, this is something imposed by iOS and Applications that record audio. On a practical note, the latency in bluetooth audio makes it unusable for realtime recording/monitoring

  • Ok thanks. I had a suspicion I probably would just have to use the wired headphones but haven't gotten home to try it yet. I didn't know that about the latency. Thanks for the general recording tip!

  • Maybe This is the app problem or your Bluetooth headphone is not working well to give you the output. You can also test that app using another Bluetooth headphone sets or use wired headphones set instead of using Bluetooth headphones. My bro has encountered such problem so he bought a new pair from http://www.soundmagic.us/index.php/product-category/headphones/ to enjoy music.

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