Opened up loopy, and all my sessions are gone.

I recently opened loopy after I guess a couple of months, and all my sessions were gone, this also happened on my iphone. Did something happen recently that I'm not aware of with updates? Update never erased data before? I'm confused as to what has happened.


  • @Danilu - I'm on the latest version Loopy HD and iOS, my old sessions are still there.

  • Ouch - that sucks, @Danilu. No, no changes that touch session data (or stop recognising it). I'm afraid I have no theories there - you didn't do a restore or anything on those devices in the intervening time?

  • Good news, I found the files on my phone, in loopy. The original loopy, not HD. So it seems, it was just my ipad, so please disregard, I guess this problem was on my side.

    What I looking for, after some digging, I had on backup. Phew. I'm so happy about that.

    I think perhaps we need some kind of icloud or backup separate from syncing (cos I never sync anymore, awful I know) but I think there is already some discussions about this. ^^ +1 for me wanting this, to avoid situations such as this. :)

    Thanks again.

  • I totally agree! Dropbox support or similar will be in Loopy Masterpiece from the start; this may make it back into Loopy, although I'm not sure of that at this stage.

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