accessibility issues andf questions?

Hi @Michael,
I was wondering whether you had an opportunity to check out that problem with the accessibility of the settings button ETC. on the Session Controlls and Level Meter screen under ios 9.
I downloaded the latest version and I can't seem to find those buttons using VoiceOver.

Also, I've been wondering about that issue with direct touch on the loops. It is instantaneous to use direct touch, but a little difficult when trying to navigate when using VO to NOT trigger a loop.

I'm wondering if there could be an accessibility toggle to turn the direct touch on/off. If not, maybe it would be best to go back to having to doubletap the loop to get it to record.
I'm still conflicted on this, but yeah, direct touch is a bit unwieldy.
My ultimate plan is to use my foot controller, but having trouble configuring that because I can't find the settings button with this accessibility issue described before. :)

Thanks so much for your work!!!!


  • Oops, I'm so sorry, Rusty - I've not gotten to this just yet. I have plans for another update in the short term, so I'll make sure that's fixed. You're right, the direct touch stuff is a bit off; I've had similar feedback from another VO user. I'll see what I can do about removing it; perhaps when VO is used, Loopy forces count-in and count-out on, so that timing doesn't become a problem?

  • The latest beta builds address the control screen problem, incidentally - this'll be in the next update. I've not found a better way to do the direct touch stuff just yet, but my focus is on Loopy Masterpiece right now so I don't have a great deal of spare brainpower to devote to the problem just now =)

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