Seeking Advice, simple long loops without metronome

Hello All,

I'm trying to implement a simple live looping setup. I have an Airturn BT pedal board. My application is simple solo guitar vocal and I'd like to be able to step on a foot pedal at the beginning of a vocal verse, then at the end of the verse stop recording and I want the loop to begin playing immediately so I can do a little solo. Then I'd like to step on another footpedal button to stop/start playback of that track. I do not want to set a tempo or follow a click. WIth a new "reset session" and the "Toggle record without count in/out" binding, I'm getting part way there. But there is an unacceptable tempo lag when I toggle recording that makes the loop have a tempo discontinuity when it plays back.

Is it realistic to expect that a BT external footpedal will be responsive enough that I can expect to work without a click track?


  • The song process you are describing should work without any issues. It sounds like your Airturn is causing the latency. I would practice with some short 8-beat loops, try it a few dozen times to see if you can learn to compensate for the latency by tapping your foot early. Otherwise, you may have to go for a different foot pedal.

    I wonder if anyone else here is using the Airturn successfully with Loopy?

  • Sorry to bump an old thread but I am trying to build a system to do the same thing. I have an Airturn Ped and want to control the looper with that and also playback via bluetooth to a bluetooth speaker or dongle (depending on where I'm playing).

  • @sam.spoons - first, Loopy can be controlled via Airturn, however, loopy will have to be in the foreground. Airturn is recognized as a Bluetooth keyboard (unless they've changed recently) and can not send to apps that are in the background.

    As for the latency mentioned above, I have never used an Airturn, but have both a Puc+ and mi.1 Bluetooth midi devices and they seem to work with no noticeable lag/latency. They are not recognized as BT keyboards so they are not restricted to foreground apps. Perhaps this difference affects the lag/latency in iOS. Typing is generally not as extremely timing critical input.

    Last, loopy does not support Bluetooth audio. As I understand it, iOS imposes some restrictions on the use of Bluetooth audio that affect apps that record audio. I have read that @Michael has investigated it, but the lag/latency is extreme, making it useless for looping. There are a number of apps that play audio and support BT audio, but I'm not sure there are any that record, for live use and play through BT audio.

  • I have an Airturn Quad that I don't use much anymore now that I have a DIY foot controller that works better for me, but I never had any latency issues with the Airturn controller. In fact, it was snappier than my DIY controller.

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