Loopy update and the launch of Ableton Link!

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Loopy’s been updated!

First of all: Reverb. Loopy now has reverb FX, which you can tweak in Settings. Think of it as a very modest little preview of things to come in Loopy Masterpiece Edition.

But the most exciting thing is that the update introduces support for Ableton Link which has launched today and – I kid you not – it’s going to change the way people make music and play together.

Ableton Link is a new technology that lets you play in time with multiple iOS apps and iOS devices, and multiple instances of Ableton Live music software over a wireless network. If you’ve used MIDI sync before, you get the general idea, but this is a totally different animal, and is simply effortless to use. The Link team have done a fantastic job.

Here’s Jakob Haq describing how it works in combination with Audiobus:


You can see the other Audiobus-compatible apps that support Link over on the Audiobus Compatible Apps Directory; subscribe to the email list there to be notified as new Link-compatible apps arrive.

Have fun!

PS. Loopy's 25% off, right now, too.



  • Thank you @Michael

    Now I just need one or more of my other apps to add Link. I guess I could go Loopy and run it on 2 iDevices ;-)

  • My pleasure! =)

    Ah yes - we've told our developer community all about Link; I'm expecting the poor folks behind the developer liason email account at Ableton are getting flooded with SDK requests as we speak!

  • Really enjoying this update, Michael. The reverb is a nice add and the possibilities with Link are really exciting. But it's the Play from Start that makes me the happiest! :smile:

    A couple of quick questions about Link:
    --Is it possible to set up a network between two iOS devices without a wifi network available?
    --I understand that Link doesn't support start/stop session. Do you know how it works with Audiobus remote? Could I still simultaneously start/stop a second device from my primary device using AB remote?
    --Have you tried Loopy sync'd between two iOS devices? How stable is it?

  • Cheers @lukesleepwalker =)

    1. It does apparently work with the "Personal Hotspot" feature, if one of those iOS devices is capable of it
    2. Not so much, no, at least not right now: Remote only controls Audiobus apps that're part of the current session, and Audiobus doesn't do WiFi (we couldn't get it to work stably enough)
    3. Over Link? It's very stable, I've never had any trouble. My WiFi network seems pretty solid though, as I've also never been able to make network MIDI break =)
  • Thanks, Michael. Link looks promising (been reading up over at the Audiobus forum as well); I'll be interested to see how it all plays out.

  • After spending some time with Loopy HD and Link, I'd say the biggest issue to work around is having to reset the tempo as each session loads. I can see the white bar that indicates the tempo that was saved in the session, but it's still a pain to have to change it before starting the session. I have to imagine (based on reading the forum here) that the use case where the user saves a good ballpark tempo and wants it to be loaded and ready to go as the session starts is the primary one. Maybe there's a setting that allows the less common use case where the user wants to preserve the last Link tempo?

  • Cheers for feedback =) Yeah, I agree - a beta version of this had a dialog asking to use the current Link tempo, or the tempo from the saved session, but removed that after talking with the team. We've since changed our minds about it, and it'll make its way back into the next update.

  • Excellente, thanks, looking forward to the next update.

    Another bit of feedback: I noted something weird with Link when using AudioBus remote and Loopy. When I reset a session using Loopy's remote trigger in AB Remote, it causes Link to momentarily drop the sync (I get the green bar at the top with a message telling me "0 Links"). It seems to come back after a couple of seconds and be accurate in most cases, but I noted a couple of times where I thought, "hmmm, that doesn't seem quite right" and had to restart Loopy on the second iPad.

  • Oh, thanks! I'll check that out =)

  • Is there a way to control Abelton live's tempo from loopy? They are on the same wifi network, not sure if I'm missing something...have 9.5 version of Abelton suite.

  • Absolutely, as long as Link is enabled in both, you'll be able to set the tempo from either. Note that Link is only available in Live from version 9.5.1 beta.

  • Thank you! I appreciate your quick response, and I really can't thank you enough for creating such an incredible tool!!!

  • You're welcome! You're very kind =)

  • @Michael said:
    Cheers for feedback =) Yeah, I agree - a beta version of this had a dialog asking to use the current Link tempo, or the tempo from the saved session, but removed that after talking with the team. We've since changed our minds about it, and it'll make its way back into the next update.

    please remember this when you get to the next update because it´s importenend to me to start sessions with the saved tempo.
    when the other apps determine the tempo the saved audiofiles sometimes sound strange when i set the tempo back to the saved value.

  • Yep, I've already reinstated it in the dev version

  • tanks again @ Michael.
    you´re the best.

  • No worries! I'd have had all this sorted much sooner, but I'm kinda prioritizing work on Masterpiece right now - it'll be worth it =)

  • yes, i agree, we are longing for this.

  • @Michael said:
    Yep, I've already reinstated it in the dev version

    Thanks for the new beta; the load with tempo works great!

  • Excellent!

  • (for those wondering how to gain access: http://loopyapp.com/testing)

  • thanks @Michael, i worked a few hours with the beta and found out that the load with tempo sync works brilliant as long as loopy and other apps are synced only via link.
    but i also tried to slave ableton link to midiclock via ´midi link sync´, a new app by codingcod.
    the clock source was the boss loopstation rc 300.
    when midiclock is sent by the midi master, loopy will follow the clock and doesn´t load the session with the saved tempo. then it sometimes happens that the saved audio sounds deformed.
    anyway, thank you so much for your rapid response and keep up the great work on loopy masterpiece.

  • Hmm, yeah, it should not be possible for a Link app to sync to a MIDI master at the same time. If it's doing so, then that's a bug and it should be reported to the developer.

  • I may have found a bug with the beta. When I save a previously created session at a new tempo, I get erratic results when I reload the session. So let's say I save a session at 120BPM and then change it to 124BPM and save. When I reload that session it'll sometimes be 123.6 and sometimes be 124.4, etc. Further, the white line that denotes the saved tempo is still back at 120. And it saves a white line on all previous saved tempos! This occurs even when I try to save it to a completely new session.

    All this with only Loopy open (no other Linked apps).

  • Also don't seem to be able to save state in Audiobus (save Session).

  • i tested on two ipads (air1, ios 8.4., audiobus, loopy current version/ the other ipad =beta, both loopy hd synced/link )
    on the beta i saved a session (previous bpm 86) as new a session to 9o bpm.
    on the older ipad i could see that loopy was 90.1 bpm after i had saved the session in loopy beta.
    when i opened the new saved session it was 90.1. bpm.

  • I've found another bug, but I'm not sure this is where you want your bug log... :*

    Let me know if you want me to upload the screen shot here or send/log somewhere else.

  • Sure =) Easiest for me is to email the bugs straight to me (michael at atastypixel dot com) - then they can sit in my inbox 'till I've dealt with them.

    Excuse the reply delay - I've been prioritising Masterpiece work this week.

  • Email sent. Glad that Masterpiece is getting the prioritization! :)

  • Just uploading a new build that should address this stuff.

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