Live Gigs

Ive not yet to play live with Loopy. Rc-50 100's of times. I just want to know for those who gig regularly 4-5 nights a week if it has been dependable on a nightly basis? And if there is any gear 100% needed to avoid this and make sure everything goes smoothly. I know how our phones can tend to freeze up and go really slow and I'm not doing anything with this I pad but using it just for music and nothing else. So just want to know what any of you think. And in the previous post i put tonight my mixer and Alesis popped and no longer work. I have little bit of time before I can bring my stuff back and go another route. I really like what Loopy has to offer and can't wait for masterpiece. But I need dependability 110%! This looper is seriously amazing and with what Michaels doing with master piece its going to probably be the most versatile out there. So Appreciate any input!


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