Alesis IO Dock Clipping?

Hey everybody! So i wanted to know if any body out there has an Alesis IO Dock that they run their I Pad threw? Im curious because I'm using this now and i have my gain turned up barely at all and have to keep it at that level otherwise loopy will make a Clipping/Click noise at the top of the loop. And when I say barley at all i mean like its turned up 1/8th to 1/4 of the way. So just curious and making sure if I'm doing something wrong that i can address it. And second if anyone has something that works better or has ideas let me know as I do this for a living and need everything to work as perfect as possible. Im switching over from the rc-50 so you people are the only ones who know anything about this.You guys are awesome and thank you for your help thus far!


  • Make sure you have it set to guitar with your guitar and line/mic for mic

  • @Dave79 - I see you have a few posts here about clipping and popping using an Alesis iodock. I have the old style 30 pin and can't try it with the current version iOS and loopy as my iPad 3 is loaned out and my air (1) has the lightning connector. But in general I have not had this problem. My question to you is, what is you actual signal chain from you guitar/mic to the Alesis iodock and as @ABrokenRecord points out the guitar and line/mic setting (which is only on input one unless your newer version is different). Also, does this happen with just Loopy running, no other apps, wifi off, airplane mod, do not disturb on, all the iOS bells and whistles off. And of course, exactly which iodock, idevice, iOS and loopy version.

  • Hey there so no I have not checked all the airport mode and whatnot which I will do. And ironically enough after bringing back the Alesis and getting the Focusrite instead. Something just happened again and either the looper, foot pedal, or Focusrite freaked out, and the looper started skipping and then it jacked up my mixed or something and I'm not getting any sound. I have the same signal chain as I did with the RC-50 and had no problems. This in becoming so frustrating and being that I play live in front of rooms of people I'm thinking about going back to that. I've never had so many issues before. My mic and guitar go into another brand new mixer I just bought, in to the Focusrite/loopy, back into A separate channel of the mixer and then out to the speaker.

  • hi @Dave79,
    could you please line out your setup on a piece of paper and post a picture that anyone here can see what´s going on?

  • Hey thanks for getting back I actually figured that part of it out. Thankyou OWI. Do you use a dock for yours or do you just have a Mio or something coming strait out of your iPad?

  • ok, @Dave79 , that´s good to hear. no...i don´t use a dock. i use several usb audio/midi interfaces and mixers in variety of configurations.

  • Do you have the old iPad witht the big plug in or the lightening connector?

  • two air one.

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