BT4 pedal board from PositiveGrid

Hi all,

positiveGrid claim that their brand new BT4 pedalboard is prepared to smoothly work with Loopy. However I haven't figure out how can I do it. Does anybody has an idea?



  • Have you tried the Bluetooth key bindings section in Loopy?

  • Yes @lukesleepwalker, but Loopy doesn't seem to recognize the pedal board. :(

  • Not much documentation on the positive grid website; not even a downloadable manual.

    Anyway, I assumed you would run their app in the background, then set it up to send virtual MIDI to Loopy, so it would be under Loopy's MIDI settings. Have you tried that yet?

  • You're right @Hmtx, in the end it was fairly easy. Thank you very much!

  • edited January 2016

    How do you like the BT4? It looks like a really nice option for an easy and portable setup.

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