Issue with recordings playback

This is a strange one. I recently re-installed to make sure the behavior is consistent. First saved recording plays back fine. Any additional recordings freeze Loopy. Anyone else seeing this?


  • @marknick - works OK on air1/ios8.4.1/loopyhd1.4.20 and iPhone 5c/ios9.2/loopyhd1.4.20

    More info maybe, idevice/iOS/loopyVersion? Nothing else running (audiobus, ?)?

  • ipad gen 4, ios 9.2, Loopy 1.4.20. Only running Loopy.

  • Just for clarification, we are talking about loops/tracks not session recordings, right?

  • Agh just having similar problem today.......previously made recordings I can still export via email, but not new recordings....the app just closes down. Any clues as to what's changed?

  • Okay so now it's sometimes exporting them to sound cloud and sometimes shutting down....very weird.

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