Undo last track button?

What's up guys so anyone who's had several loopers knows about the famous undo redo button. Is there anything close to this ? That will undo the last track you played no matter what track it is on ? If I looped something over another track I don't know how to redo it? And if it's not possible do you just add as many tracks as you can and not layer? I know it sounds like an easy way out but during the summer I can play up to nine gigs week and I can tend to screw at least one or two things up every now and then Lol.


  • @Dave79 - no undo on Loopy HD. The only work around I know, is individual tracks, and if you are needing more than 12, the merging the ones that are correct ( and the ones that you would have normally layered on 1 track). Drawback is you can't do it with midi, have to do it on the screen.

  • I see..... Cool well hopefully the Masterpiece will have it. Its a very important function especially playing live several times a week. I deffinetly don't perform flawlessly every night. And thats been the only thing I've thought of as well is just having all separate tracks. Cool thought with merging them i didn't think about that.

  • Absolutely, Masterpiece will have this (with bells on) =)

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    Hello, Michael. Could you squeeze this one in there for us in a Loopy HD update? Simple Undo/Redo function. It will be a big help...

  • I'm afraid not, @pfitz - no such thing as 'simple undo/redo', it's gotta be built into the foundations =)

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