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Here is my question I'm new to loopy for two days now. coming over from the RC-50. Anybody out there have a way to rerecord over a track that is greyed out. The only way i figured so far is by using two pedals and putting toggle record on another and programming it to that track. Any other ideas I'm trying to pull away from performing live with the RC-50 and apply it to Loopy.


  • Loopy supports binding ON, OFF and HOLD for midi inputs. I have my foot pedal configured to send momentary MIDI commands; this means each button can be configured to do something when you tap (ON) or hold the button down.

    In my setup, I bind 4 buttons to toggle mute for 4 separate tracks (when there's nothing in the track, this will toggle record).

    I also bind HOLD to toggle recording for each of these buttons. If you disable Count In recording, it means you can easily punch in and out on a loop to do small overdubs as needed.

  • What midi switch do you have?

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