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Whatup eveyone!
So I'm looking for a way to turn on multiple loops at one time. Not starting all and stopping all. But being able two push on multiple pedals in different combinations per song because every song is different. With my RC - 50 i had to get the FS-5U and FS 6 and then put them in a triangle formation so i could turn on one loop, any combination of two loops. Then had an external start and stop all. But i only had 3 phrases and couldn't sink different measured phrases so that you could start any phrase from the beginning at any time. You can sink different measured phrases with RC-300 and start them from beginning at anytime as well as with the 505. But you only have 3 phrases with the 300 and you can only use the 505 with your hands. So I came over two loopy in hopes to accomplish both. Michael i working on this now and said he has it in Masterpiece already i guess. So i was bummed my FCB 1010 could do multiple pedals at one time. So are they any midi pedals out there that you can press on three pedals at the same time and turn on and off multiple phrases at one time. I can do the quick tap tap tap down the line but it easier the other way. I know thats a lot but appreciate any info!!!


  • Hey Dave,
    I don't know about any midi pedals that can do that. However, have you thought about maybe approaching the problem from a different angle?
    Firstly, syncing different measured phrases. This one caught me out recently; just turn off Count Out recording in the options. This makes Loop HD function similar to hardware loopers where loops are in sync, but can be different lengths.
    As for muting/unmuting several tracks at once, turn on Count In/Out mute. This allows you to tap mute/unmute on several tracks but that action won't happen until the loop finishes.

  • You can do this with a software workaround on your iPad. Run MIDI Designer in the background. It is an iOS app that can receive a MIDI command from your FCB1010 and duplicate it to two or more messages out to Loopy.

    ie: one foot tap from FCB1010 = unmute 3 tracks in Loopy

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