Using Loopy as Master Clock to control Hardware?

Been using various loop pedals for guitar over the years. Currently a Strymon Timeline with the loop functions controlled by a Disaster Area DMC-3. It works great, but I wish I could clock sync my guitar loops with Loopy's clock.

I don't want to run the guitar loops through iOS/Audiobus/Loopy because guitars just don't sound as good through monitors as they does through the Princeton amp.

Yes, I've done guitar loops through Loopy and their great, but I'm looking to make loops that keep my sweet guitar/amp tone while also creating solid drum and synth loops in Loopy through the PA.

My vision: to use a loop pedal - like the Pigtronix Infinity Looper that supports midi clock sync, and slave it to Loopy. This means great guitar tone AND keeping solid loop start and stop times using Loopy's clock (and the pedal/hardware switches) with existing drum and synth loops using a midi controller to control synths and Loopy.

Any one using Loopy clock as master to control other hardware? Namely, other loop pedals?


  • Should work, @CJ_Stout - you can find the settings in Clock Sync under Settings. Lemme know how you go!

    By the way, out of curiosity: is this the sort of thing that might be helped by the ability to send certain loops (the guitar loops) out to a different channel that you could run through your amp? That is, you send your synth/drum loops out one channel to the ordinary monitors, and your guitar live audio and loop audio through a second one, which goes through the amp. Do you have a multi-channel audio interface that would let you do that?
  • Hi Michael, thanks for dropping a line.

    Sending guitar loops to a different output channel in the software sounds an excellent solution. If I'm understanding correctly, you're saying run my pedal board (sans Infinity Looper) to iOS audio interface and make loops there in Loopy, however the audio recorded to those loops would be routed to alternate outputs that could then go the guitar amp. Is this accurate?

    Currently I'm using an Apogee Duet, so I don't think I can route audio to another output channel (it only has stereo L/R outputs). Is there an audio interface for iOS others recommend for routing outputs?

    I imagine this might be the sort of thing that could be present in Masterpiece - and I am waiting with baited breath for that.

    Would sending line level from an interface to a tube amp be problematic at all? I know it can be done, but I wonder if there are any risks involved.

    I REALLY would like to sync my guitar loops/noises with iOS/Loopy. Right now they always are close, but drift pretty quickly. Thank you Michael and the Loopy iOS community!

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