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Starting each individual loop from their each individual beginning

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Hello looping friends and family! So I'm switching over from the RC-50 as of today and I am a live looper performer. So my goal has always been to build songs quickly. Now with the RC 50 You cannot synk different phrases that are different measures. You can but its all on you and your timing. Then they made RC 505 table top unit which did exactly what I wanted but you can't use it with your feet and I play guitar. So I've made the journey over to loopy. So the RC-505 would allow you to have different loops (phrases) of different number measures and be able to synk them. However you would not have to wait to start a longer loop unti it got to the beginning. You could turn it off and if it was say a 16 measure long phrase, you could turn it off and turn it back on in 2 measures and it would start from the biginning of that particular loop phrase and sync. Is there a setting for this with out setting clocks and presenting measure lengths per loop and it will just synk? This is kind of hard to explain lol but would my only other option be starting each song with the longest measured loop(phrase) and then building each song down to the shortest measure phrase. Sorry if that's super confusing but I'm a rookie loopy user switching over from basic loopers. I appreciate any comments or questions! Thankyou very much!


  • hi, all loopy tracks start from the top when loopy starts. all tracks are running all the time. then you only can mute or unmute them. when a long track runs and you hear the third measure for instance and then you unmute instantly another track you will hear that track from the same position (3rd measure) not from the top. that´s the case when you want all tracks synced.
  • by the way: the rc505 does this in a similar way and even the rc50 doesn´t start the tracks from the top when running in parallel mode (all tracks synced).
  • Yes exactly. I have my RC 50 set up with parallel tracks which is correct in that you will not be able to start the phrase at the beginning at any measure. However if you turn the tempo synk on and the loop synk off you can have tracks of different measure length and you can start any of the three phrases from any point but they do not sync up. And you are right about the 505 which I bought and tried it out and it did exactly what I wanted but again you can't use it with your feet.

  • i tried to operate the rc505 with bare feet. but that was dissatisfying. then i sold the looper and started learning loopy hd.
  • Well sounds like we've had about that same experience lol!

  • I wish boss would just make a damn floor version of the table top unit. I can't believe they left the best looper they've made unavailable to guitar players.

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