Where's the settings screen? :)

Hi folks,
Yes, this sounds like a silly question I'd bet.
this may be an accessibility thing, I'm not sure, but I can't find any way to get in to settings in loopy on my iPad.
On my iPhone I activate  the
"session controls and level meter" panel, and toggle the control screen. There I find a button for a new session ETC. and I can go in to settings.

But, for some reason this does not appear when I sellect the same panel on my iPad.
Am I on crack? :)
I feel really dumb.

Yes, I'm a new loopy wantabe, and I really want to get going with my softstep., and I can't find the settings screen to set up midi bindings! :)



  • Hey Rusty - oh, dear! Looks like an iOS bug or something to me; the control screen no longer seems to accept VoiceOver input. In theory you select the "Toggle Control Screen" button, and then you can access the various other screens, including settings. On my iPad running iOS 9, though, I'm just getting the "nothing here" donk sound over that area of the screen. I'll look into this.
  • Thanks @Michael,
    I've verified that it seems to be on IOS 9 because I can find those buttons on my iPad 1 running 5.1.1 :)
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