Recording via an interface, Loopy only seems to record on either the left or right side.

I have a both a mic and a guitar going into Loopy thru my interface. When I record with the mic, Loopy only records onto the left side; when I record with the guitar, it only records on the right side. So now I have two recorded tracks, right? When I pan to the left the Loop I recorded with the mic, it's still there. When I pan to the right, it's gone. And vice versa with the guitar. Strangely, while just playing my guitar or using the mic, while not recording, both signals are in the middle. Wut?!? I cannot figure it out!

I'm using the presonus audiobox iOne. Help! Thank you!



  • Audiobus will solve that issue. Also, make sure your soundcard is set at mono.

  • Thank you! I forgot to mention I'm recording into an ipad via the interface. Do ipads have soundcards?

  • So I think this means I need to run audiobus while using another "input" within audiobus, like a "guitar amp" How do I do it with just a clean signal?

  • Sorry, I meant interface. You can run input 1 into loopy without any effects. It will run it in in mono but won't have the weird pan issues

  • I'm not sure what this looks like for you with your interface. I assume you mean a usb audio interface. If so, I've experienced this with my Scarlett Focusrite. that loopy menu you swipe up and down to switch between metronome, beats per min, volume and so on changes when there is a multitrack input device. Mine like like guitar tablature when the Scarlett is plugged in ;-). Unless I'm using channel 1 or 2, I have to select that in this menu. Could that be the case for you?
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