Looping HD Beatbox with Shure SM-58

Hey guys,
First of all, nice to meet you all :)
I've been looking on the forums for answers to this basic question (I'm not a musician, just a person that likes beatboxing as a hobby) and haven't been able to find it.

Not much ago I bought a rc505 that im now selling as the use ive been giving to it doesn't justify the price I paid for. However, I'd love to do the same I was doing before and I've just been aware about this piece of software for the iPhone.

I'm trying to now find the simplest setup to do beatbox with my Shure sm58 and loopy hd while being able to hear what I'm recording but can't find a way to connect the Shure to the iPhone. Could someone help me with this?

Additionally, if apart from that I wanted to also connect the iPhone so while performing people could hear me live, would that be a big change in the setup or would there be an easier way?

Thanks in advance!


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