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Stack bluetooth key bindings?

Is there any way to stack two actions to a single bluetooth key binding?


  • @lukesleepwalker - loopy will only permit one binding per midi command. But, you can use something like MidiDesigner in between. In Midi Designer you use the Relationships ; Super control and sub control, to take one in coming midi message and send out multiple.

  • Good point Ganthofer, but I don't think that quite answers the OP. A Bluetooth key press will not be registered by mididesigner.

    You would have to add in another iPhone with something like Double Decker. DD would take the keystroke, convert it to a single MIDI command, then send it via wifi or BT to you main device. Then Midi Designer could respond to that and send out 2 midi commands to Loopy!

    It gets complicated, but it works.

  • @Hmtx - my mistake, I was thinking midi Bluetooth not keyboard. I was playing with the Puc+ at the time. However, my k-board connected to the Puc+ was sending Midi over Bluetooth to my iPad and a midi designer super-control was sending to sub-controls midi commands to Loopy.

  • yep, no worries. It is amazing how well the MIDI over bluetooth works.

    Back on topic, you could technically make this work all on one device, but DoubleDecker would need to be the foreground/ on-screen app so that it would receive the BT keystroke commands. (This is because BT keyboards only send data to the on-screen app. MIDI signals are handled differently and will continue to be processed in the background.)

  • Thanks for the responses. So Hmtx has got the tiger by the tail but I don't have a second iOS device I can use for DoubleDecker and I don't want DD in the foreground because I watch Loopy to make sure I know "where I am" while playing. Too bad too, because DD looks exactly like what I need. Maybe I'll be on the lookout for a cheap iPhone or iPod touch or something.

  • I haven't upgraded to iOS9 but I wonder if the new split screen view mode could help with running DoubleDecker at same time as Loopy?

  • Just so you know, I'm probably going be supporting multiple actions per binding soonish, for both MIDI and Bluetooth.

  • Excellent, thanks Michael. I'll hold off on the complex gymnastics then.

  • Argh! How soonish? I am in a midi actions hell!

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