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Gear to replace my Boomerang III?

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I have an enormous board and really need to start downsizing...

Mic > wireless > Dan Electro Chili Dog > Line 6 M13 > Boomerang III > BBE Sonic Stomp > Tech 21 Para DI > QSC K10


I only do a couple looping sets a month live using vocals and harmonica only. I am thinking of moving to using my iPad2 and Loopy HD, but am unfamiliar with my routing options (how I connect the iPad to my pedal board and send a 1/4" or XLR out to my monitor) and use a midi controller.

In theory, I could downsize to the iPad/midi rig (which is what I need help optioning and pricing out), a Line 6 M9 and the Para DI. I use the Chili Dog for the bass octave effect, but could technically do it on the M9.

My understanding is the least I need is something to connect the iPad to my board and K10. The next piece would be a midi controller, and the final piece would be something to mount or set the iPad on.

* Any help on what is giggable quality and easy to setup? What am I looking at for budget?

* Should I just get a RC-300 instead? I believe with that I can have a "channel" set up for bass sounds.

I really like my Boomerang III a lot. The obvious cons are I can only have three-four separate loops, cannot pan the loops to create a stereo mix, and need to plug everything in to an audio interface to connect it to my computer to do any recording.



  • I've seen the iDock, which looks perfect, but it appears that it won't work well with my iPad2. The gear choices are overwhelming regarding input/output, and after scouring the forum here, I am still confused at to what works best for live performance.

    I might be able to figure out my midi controller options...
  • Well let me just throw this idea out there, the Line 6 M series does send Midi CC commands and since you can assign any command to any control on Loopy. You could get an Alesis IO Dock and use the midi out on the m13 to the midi in on the Alesis, set the midi up and hey ho, you've saved yourself a midi controller.

    Only issue is the effects that are going on while this is happening, so options would be to have a scene completely clean, 12 banks of no fx or, 12 banks of the same fx like a reverb or something you can cut off the board.

    Just a thought, I'm looking more into it and will pick up an M9 as Loopy HD and an M9 will do so much more than just the M13

    Hope this helps
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