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Request: Compressor w/ Sidechain

edited November 2011 in Support and Feedback
I might be asking a lot here...

Is it possible to add a simple compressor: Threshold Attack Release Ratio
That could be side-chained from another loop? This would open up the sonic spectrum and help the loops breath together...


  • Sounds fun, @nerve, but I think it's probably a bit much for Loopy =)
  • yeah...understood...

    I'm trying to print all my effects/eq to the tracks using out board gear which is fine because I like to use analog gear. One ITB effect I like is a side chain compressor as it really is just automated volume control based on the dynamics of other tracks in the mix...Maybe there is a neat work around using midi???
  • Tell you what, if I can think of a "nice" way to present it, I'll see what I can do. The actual building of the filter isn't a big deal (Loopy's architecture is certainly capable of it without issue), but the tricky part is keeping the user interface simple - my goal for Loopy is always to have it clean and accessible, with the "pro" stuff available to more experienced users (but not in the way of the beginners).

    I've not yet nailed down my plan for the effects manipulation interface, so there may be a way to make it all work comfortably.
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