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When I record sounds with my headphones plugged in, the volume of record is very low. It's okay with no headphones or Apple EarPods - much louder. It was also ok when I used my iPad mini (with any headphones the volume of recording was the same as no headphones). Then I bought iPad 3 and this problem occurred. Have a look at the screenshot: the 1st sample was recorded with headphones (not EarPods) and 2nd was with no headphones at all. Help me please.


  • @Artem - what you describe is the way it is currently working also on my iPad Air1 with current loopy version (1.4.20) and iOS 8.4.1. I also tried with the iPad volume muted.

    I typically don't record with the built in mic and definitely don't record without headphones. There is an Input gain under settings for the built-in mic, but it affects the volume with or without headphones.

    Is the problem for you that it is too quiet, or that the 2 don't match?

    @Michael - it seems I recall someone bringing this up a while back. Can't find the discussion.

  • Ah, yeah, I'm getting the same behaviour. Looks like maybe I need to build an automatic gain control system some time.

    Here's the technical details: On the newer devices (iPad Air 2 is the worst), the playthrough latency is enormous unless I enable an iOS audio system feature called Measurement Mode. This fixes the latency problem, but also disables iOS's automatic gain control, which is why I added a gain slider so you can set this.

    It looks like there's an iOS...uh...bug? feature?...that causes a different audio input level when headphones are used. Unfortunately this is happening at the system level, and so we mere mortal developers have no control over it. You just need to adjust the gain according to your environment.

    ...Or I need to build my own auto gain control system, which I could do. I'm busily working on Loopy Masterpiece Edition, though, so that will probably have to wait.

    Till then, Mr Gain Slider is your friend, I guess =)

  • @Ganthofer @Michael Thanx guys! Found that Mr Gain Slider and now we are close friends:) To be honest, I see iOS is dying... coming worse and worse with every "new" version. Aren't you going to make an android app? Last versions of android are really pretty good and stable;) Anyway, u're awesome! Loopy HD is legendary app. Best wishes!

  • Thanks @Artem =)

    Yeah, quality's dropped a little lately, but they'll probably sort their crap out sooner or later! I'm keeping a very open mind about Android, but right now it looks like an Android port would be a marginal success at best, just because of the size of the market right now. When that changes, though, I'll be there!

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