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Will Looping Vocals Live Through PA Cause Feedback?


I'm new to loopy and loving it. It's working perfect with my audio interface, mic, and headphones. I am hoping to do some vocal looping for a performance next week and I'm a little concerned with potential feedback coming in to my mic from the PA system being used. If the PA is facing the audience and I layer my vocals, won't the loops playing through the PA make its way back into the Mic and interfere with any loops after the first one? I have a condenser mic that is extremely sensitive and I would imagine it'll pick up feedback. But I also have an instrument mic they I can sing into that is much less sensitive that may do the trick. Does anyone have any experience with this? Any suggestions would be helpful.

Also, I have the option to run the PA output via my headphone output with a splitter or via the actual stereo output of the interface. Would there be a preference on which to use? Pros or cons?



  • Interface out is usually much better than 3.5mm headphone output. It will have a stronger, cleaner signal. Balanced outputs are best for going to the PA. Besides, most interfaces don't allow use of the headphone out while the interface is plugged in... does yours?

    As far as loop feedback goes, it will take some work to avoid this. If you can use in ear monitors that will be much better than floor monitors. Your condenser mic may be a problem also. A dynamic cardioid mic will often do better at rejecting ambient sounds; Shure SM58 is the standard, good place to start. You could also do some research and find something similar that is cheaper.

  • Thanks for the input. I don't have a specific way to monitor via the headphone jack, I was just thinking worst case scenario, I could use a headphone splitter to monitor and the DJ could use the other Jack to output in case he doesn't have an easy way to use my monitor out ports.

    I have a cardioid mic that should work. I'll also be using headphones to monitor rather than floor monitors. I imagine he'll have a standard sm58 that I could use as well. I'm just looking for the quickest and simplest plug and play method to be able to walk up and do the performance.

    Thanks again!

  • Keep us posted. I'm curious to hear how this goes / went.

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