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are there tempo/setlist apps that allow control over Loopy HD?

I use Frozen Ape's Tempo app and have several setlists built in. I would love to know if Loopy HD can be a slave to the tempo output from the Frozen Ape app.

Any thoughts? Thanks.


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    Are you referring to this app:

    Tempo - Metronome with Setlists by Frozen Ape Pte. Ltd.

    Unfortunately it has no midi output, so no midi sync in/out. If it did, then it would be possible.

    I would suggest you contact Frozen Ape about adding external sync to their App. Although Loopy HD does not yet support it, I would suggest they look at the new "Link" that Ableton is going to be releasing as apposed to midi sync (iOS midi sync is somewhat unreliable). From the AudioBus Forum discussions about it, it may be the best solution for syncing iOS audio apps and devices.

    @Michael - midi sync/Link comments?

  • Yea Ganthofer, that is the exact app that I am referring to. Thanks very much for the quick and thoughtful response. Do you know of any other apps that would suit my purpose? I am building loops live in a band, and they are pretty particular about consistent tempos. I like having the reference click in my ears, and being able to punch up, rather than dial up tempos on the fly would be very beneficial.

    Thanks again.

  • Link is most definitely the path forward, here - you'll start seeing more and more apps with support appearing soon.

  • @dborb - are you using other apps on your idevice along with Loopy HD and Tempo? AudioBus? Any external midi/audio hardware? I don't know of any metronome apps that send Midi sync. If you are using other Music Apps that have Midi sync send and are easier (punch/type in rather than dial) to set tempo, you could try using the metronome in Loopy HD controlled by the other apps midi sync.

  • @Ganthofer - I am using Audiobus and a few other apps and only an iRig Blueboard for external midi control. I will play around with input apps that might be able to control Loopy HD tempo.

    Thanks for the help.

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