MIDI Bindings Transfer?

I have been using my iPhone to control LoopyHD on my iPad.
Until now, I used the Apollo bluetooth-connection app in order to send MIDI messages from my phone to my iPad. Thing is Apollo is only an A-to-B/1-to-1 connection.

Now I want to connect multiple bluetooth devices to the iPad running Loopy, so I have to start using the built-in Apple iOS MIDI-Bluetooth system. It's working, but now that I'm going directly through the system's bluetooth-MIDI my iPhone shows up as a control device, but all of the bindings are assigned to Apollo, not to the iPhone/any Bluetooth connection.

So I'm wondering, is there an easy way to copy the settings from my old "Apollo profile" to my new "Bob's Bluetooth iPhone profile"? I have 40+ MIDI bindings already setup under Apollo and it would really really suck to have to assign all of them all over again from scratch. Is there any hope for a slightly more automated answer?



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