Can I use Loopy HD (with Blue Board) exactly like a Loop Station?

Hi, I've fiddled with Loopy, read all the tutorials and FAQ's and still can't figure this out. I want to be able to use my iPad with Amplitube and Loopy HD (via audiobus) as a backup/replacement live guitar rig. But I need it configure it a certain way or it's a deal breaker. This is what I want to do.

Blueboard Button A: RECORD/PLAY/OVERDUB (In that order)
Blueboard Button B: STOP/CLEAR (hold for 2 seconds to clear)

At a minimum, it seems I would need 5 footswitches to do all this, not 2, unless I can bind multiple MIDI commands to each footswitch.Is this configuration possible without resorting to a bulkier MIDI controller pedal with more footswitches?


  • I should mention, the whole thing needs to work handsfree. I can't use my hands as I'm playing guitar.

  • I'm not entirely familiar with the blue board, but loopy recognizes long press. Here's one configuration.

    A: Toggle Mute (which will record first time and switch to an play/button after)
    B: Overdub (LP: Clear)

    That still gives you a long press on A for something like reverse.

  • @andrewkennedymusic - From your question/description, it sounds like you want something that will function like your current hardware does. Yes? Then, what is your current hardware setup? Also maybe an example on how you use it. E.g. One loop and just keep on over dubbing, multiple loops (number?), verse-chorus-bridge (same/different length), looperFX(reverse, fade, ???).

    Maybe some one uses/used a similar hardware setup and tried/succeeded in using iPad setup.

    Never tried a BlueBoard, but if it can send midi notes then long and short button presses can be used to double the possibilities (8 midi bindings).

    Also, how many loops/tracks are you planning on using? Loopy can have up to 12 loops/tracks.

    Just some food for thought

  • it sounds like you want something that will function like your current hardware does..maybe an example on how you use it?

    Well, I use a bunch of pedals (to be replaced by Amplitube) and a Boss RC-20 twin pedal loop station. The Boss loop station pedals work as described in my original post. Here's some examples of how I use it.


    I tap footswitch A which begins recording, then I tap the footswitch A again which closes the loop and begins immediate playback. I can then tap footswitch B which stops playback.

    2 - RECORD, then STOP (save for later), then PLAY.

    I tap footswitch A which begins recording, then I tap footswitch B which closes the loop but does not play it back. Instead, the loop is saved, waiting for when I want to use it. When I decide to use it, I tape footswitch A for playback.

    Another way to describe it is with behaviours. The two footswitches need to behave like this:


    • First tap begins recording (if the loop is empty)
    • Second tap begins playback (if a recorded loop is present)
    • Third tap begins overdub (if a recorded loop is playing)
    • Any subsequent taps toggle back and forth between playback and overdub


    • First tap stops playback (assuming the loop was playing in the first place)
    • Press and hold deletes the recorded loop

    I've attached a cropped image of a boss loopstation to show.

  • If you're open to other configurations, my advice will work pretty well. Only difference is that Rec/Play/Stop are one Ovd/Clear is the other.

  • You mentioned that I can use the "Toggle Mute" command to start recording then it'll turn into a play button afterwards. I never would have known that "Toggle Mute" starts recording, it doesn't seem to make sense.

    Would you be able to list the commands I need to bind to each button. I've looked through them, but can't make head or tail of them. There isn't even a "Stop" function. Only mute. I don't want the loop spinning away muted in the background, I want it to stop completely, then restart from the beginning the moment I press play.

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    Toggle Mute acts as a Record button on a blank track. Then, it acts as a play and stop button (mute/unmute) after.

    On second thought, you may need the second button to be "Pause & Restart" as the mute function will keep the loop circling in the background.

    How about this configuration?

    A: Toggle Record (will turn into a overdub button after you record your first tack)

    A (hold): Reverse?

    B: Toggle Pause & Restart (this will stop the loop immediately when you press it and pause it at the beginning)

    B (Hold): Reset Session (will clear)

  • OK, I'll give it a try. But why would I need a "Reverse" function? I just want the loop to play the way I recorded it.

  • It was just an option that you could do because you would have an extra spot if you'd like

  • Slightly off topic, you should try tonestack go if you haven't already put too much money into amplitube. It's a way better effects modeler. More options and in my opinion better sound.

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    Just to weigh in here.
    Yes the Blueboard works.
    There is now 2 types of Blueboard.
    The 4 pedal and the 2 pedal.

    I currently have the 4 pedal original one and have it setup like this-

    Pedal A: record / overdub then select next track
    Pedal B: pause & restart session
    Pedal C: half loop duration
    Pedal D : double loop duration

    Zero problems with latency as its really fast! Works really well but want more buttons (don't we all). Have used it live with no problem from the iPad (4th gen) but had an audio issue when connected to my iPhone as it was connected to the AppleWatch at the same time and seems to get upset.

    Also I have been in contact with IK multimedia directly and you can only pair one Blueboard at a time up, which is a shame as I would like around 12 buttons, so now looking into making a computer keyboard module into a pedal board with switches.

    But the good news is using a Blueboard for pedal, a camera connection kit for audio out to an Alesis io Hub (small 2 in 2 out device) which is powered by the iPad.. So there is NO MAINS POWER NEEDED!!

    I have gone BUSKING with this setup with a battery powered amp and works well (as long as it doesn't rain!!!!) hehe.

    Hope this helps.

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