Foot pedal suitable for Loopy on Focusrite iTrack Dock?

Hi all

I'm a newbie to the forum, so please excuse me if this question has already been answered elsewhere, I haven't seen mention of it in an initial search of posts here.

I've been successfully recording with Loopy on a Focusrite iTrack Dock for the last year or so, to the point where I've recorded and released an albums worth of material. Trouble is, I'm now getting asked to play live gigs using the approach I used for the album, which up until point has been using the iPad screen itself as the interface for punching in/punching out tracks, triggering fades etc. This approach is fine when you have the luxury of time to record, but when playing live on a several instruments I can see that a footswitch arrangement will be necessary as I'll often have my hands full playing an instrument.

Not being much of a MIDI whiz nor the most technical person in regards to these things, I'm ideally looking for quite a simple MIDI foot controller that will allow me to punch in and punch out to record, start and stop playback, fade in/out tracks and probably not much more - the last thing I need is a complex pedalboard when playing live. Does anyone have any good suggestions? The iTrack Dock uses a USB MIDI interface, though I don't have much idea of how this integrates with Loopy (yet).

Open to all suggestions, with a preference for simplicity of interface over functionality where possible. Thanks to all in advance.


    the softstep2 should do it but i´m not shure about that because i havn´t got an itrack dock yet (only the softstep2).
    the softstep2 supports class compliant midi over usb. that is what you need.
    the above link/list doesn´t tell anything about keith mcmillen products.
    and this link doesn´t say anything either (compatibility).

    maybe someone who has both products in use can confirm the compatibility?

  • I use an irig Blueboard which I like because it has 4 built in music pads and you and has 2 1/4 inputs that you can use to connect additional on/off buttons or expression pedals. I use a boss switch and a moot expression pedal with mine.

  • Oh, and the big sell for me is that it uses Bluetooth so it's wireless.

  • The iRig Blueboard looks great and seems easy to set up too - and talking directly to the iPad via Bluetooth has got to be a bonus, no wires to connect! How did you find it was to set up the Bluetooth bindings Pdubs - easy?

    Owi, the Softstep looks amazing in regards to the control you have over expression and parameters, though I reckon it's probably more than I need - but I'm not ruling anything out at the moment, will investigate further.

  • Setting the bindings is pretty easy. It took me a couple of tries to get some of them right but nothing too complicated. Just make sure your iPad is new enough to be compatible with the Bluetooth functions. It only works for newer generations.

  • Is there any latency with the blueboard?

  • It's more expensive than the Blueboard, but I decided on this one:

    Looks like they currently have B-stock available for $120 right now.

    Works great and setting the bindings couldn't be easier.

  • No latency? i.e can you stop your first loop the right moment without a click?

  • I generally set my loops to mute/unmute automatically at 12 o'clock. But when I do manual muting/unmuting, I've gotten pretty good at "feeling" the right spot--you can set the length of the taper. There may be a little latency but I've already worked around it with a natural sounding taper and perhaps accounting for it with my timing.

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