Loopy with Beat Buddy

I'm using my Beat Buddy as an external clock and I'm getting a garbled effect on any tracks I record. I can see the BPM fluctuate so I assume the effect is because it's trying to resample the wav to match the tempo
So I did some testing with the MIDI clock disabled and if I record anything and adjust the BPM slightly, the audio will garble (I assume it's stretching it). It's only when I increase the BPM by an increment of 7 or more does it actually resample correctly and play normally again.

Is this a bug or a limitation?

I'm on an iPad mini with iOS 9


  • The fluctuation of the midi from the beat buddy is not very often, about once or twice every 10-20 seconds

  • Just curious, how are you connect the midi from the BeatBuddy to your iPad mini?

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    @Ganthofer said:
    Just curious, how are you connect the midi from the BeatBuddy to your iPad mini?

    I use the camera connection kit (it's a lightning to female USB connector). Then a USB MIDI cable to the Beat Buddy (I use a Roland UM-1g, but any USB midi cable will generally work).
    However, the issue I described can be replicated without any sort of MIDI device connected.

  • Anyone got any thoughts on this? It just seems that if you adjust the BPM the recordings will get garbled. Does this happen on iOS 8?

  • So, i did a little test. iPhone 5 on ios 9... and iPad air on 8..... They seem to work about the same. There appears to be an on the fly continuous resample and a actual resample ( the little ring that appears as it resamples to the new BPM). With the continuous resample it is as you describe, garbled a bit. I found that the range of the BPM was sometimes 3, sometime 5 to get it to do an actual resample. I did find that if it was garbled, I could bump the BPM up or down say 5 to 7 and then back to its original BPM and it was not garbled any more, but this of course takes a little bit of time and the 2 resamplings. not good for realtime playing.

    @Michael - at what BPM change does it resample and is the on the fly continuous resample expected behaviour? Of course a rock solid Midi clock would make this issue disappear, but iOS and Midi are not yet the best of friends.

  • Ouch - this is definitely not right. Ah, MIDI clock, such a headache. The BPM threshold is actually variable, based upon the ratio change. The problem here though is the unstable clock; the bane of my existence!

    Do you have any other MIDI-clock-receiving apps you can test with? I'd be interested to see if others are managing a more stable lock.

  • I was trying to test this myself between an iPad and an iPhone, but it looks like iOS 9.1 (I presume) has introduced a bug where network MIDI services can no longer be discovered, at least on my setup. So, I can't really test that until that's fixed, unfortunately! Reported the issue to Apple.

  • Hey Michael,
    Thanks for the response. Take the MIDI stuff out of the equation, as I said earlier, you can replicate this issue with just Loopy. Take any sample and slightly adjust the tempo and the audio will garble; this adjustment of the audio to keep sync is what needs fixed. When it crosses the resample threshold, everything sounds fine again, it's just the marginal time stretching is garbling the samples.

    Also, I'm getting that issue with the MIDI devices not being discovered. I just unplug them and plug them back in; they get discovered about 10 seconds later.

  • Is there anything I can do to stop the audio garbling with minor changes to the BPM? Is this audio problem happening in previous iOS versions to 9?

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