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Loopy HD crashes with clock sync settings

I just got a version of Ableton Live 8 Lite. It doesn't come with a looper. I thought to try and use Loopy HD sync with Ableton and use Loopy as my looper instead. But loopy crashes when I try to change the clock sync settings. I just updated to iOs 9.0.2. Is that the problem?
Loopy seems to work fine if I turn wifi off completely. But when I turn it back on it crashes. Is ther a way to clock sync loopy with the usb port to Mac Abelton?


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    Hi @christytiger - is the crash happening when you change the selection of which device to sync to/from? If it is, I'm afraid this is indeed iOS 9.0.2; I've told Apple about it and they said they're looking into it. If it's something else, please do give more details.

    Yes, you can indeed sync via USB, but you'll need a fairly complicated arrangement of 2 separate MIDI USB interfaces connected together, I'm afraid.

  • Thanks for your response Michael.
    Initially I tried to sync Loopy with Ableton through a wifi network between my Ipad and my laptop (peer to peer I think its called?), although I wasn't sure how to slave what to what, so I just enabled all the midi options in loopy and set Ableton to "on" for both "in" and "out" connections. At the point I enabled Loopy's inbound connections it began to crash. Being a midi newbie, perhaps this is the problem? Too much info going all ways? Although when I try to make loopy the master, and shut off inbound connections, it still crashes.

    I own a scarlett 8i6 which I use with Ableton, and I have a usb to midi Roland UM-1G connector, that Loopy recognizes, but the UM-1G is greyed out in my mac audio midi setup window. I can't seem to chain it to my scarlet and Ableton doesn't see the UM-1G as a controller (I've installed drivers).

    I understand some of this is outside your concern but perhaps someone on the forum can give me advice!
    Thanks in advance.

  • Oh, also, it seems like Loopy is fine when the inbound/ outbound connections are enabled, but there is no actual wifi midi signal present. For instance away from my computer, on my office wifi, loopy does not crash even with all inbound connections and clock destinations enabled. So I guess it's indeed a mac mid thing?

  • Hmm, this doesn't sound quite like what I expected, but it might be the same root cause. In order to know for sure, would you mind sending me your crash logs? Apple don't give us a a way to identify individuals' logs, so unfortunately it's got to be done a bit of a roundabout way, using iTunes and USB; here's how: http://atastypixel.com/support/crashes

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