Loopy + Apogee Duet + KMI 12 Step no worky!

Spoke to the guys from Apogee who say they're working on it but, in the meantime, what's the lightest, flattest, most travel friendly foot switch that works with the duet and loopy?

Follow up question: is bluetooth reliable? And is there latency to worry about?


  • Have you see the BT4? It's still in preorder, and I haven't seen one close up, but it looks pretty promising.

  • @Michael said:
    Have you see the BT4?

    I do very much want. :)

  • Hmmmm. Only 4 switches though. looks sturdy enough however.

    I was looking into a Moose but I got this back from them "Thanks for your inquiry, but I don't think the MIDI Moose would be the right product for your application. It will only send simple program change commands. It won't "change scenes", start or stop sequences, send "notes", etc., so it appears to be incompatible with Abelton Live."


  • Yeah, Program Change is a pretty inflexible message type - there's no 'value' component, so you can't have on/off or anything. It won't work with Loopy's 'hold' triggers, for instance.

  • How's the bluetooth on the blueboard? Does it just work?

  • I use a Blueboard for loopy and tonestack and it works well. I especially like the two extra slots for expression pedals.

  • And blueboard is fast? I've got a 12 step now and I'm not a massive fan of the buttons. They're, uh, soft.

  • Guys, can an iPad Mini 1st gen handle loopy hd?

  • without a doubt, iPad Mini 1gen can do fine with Loopy HD.

    It may start to have trouble if you were to try to run a lot of additional apps and effects via Audiobus on the iPad.

    Just be sure to close all other apps and turn off wi-fi and data if possible.

  • I used my mini 1 for a couple years. It worked fine with filter effects and delay (via AudioBus), but would glich when I introduce reverb to it. Great iPad tho! (Still is my backup)

  • thanks guys!

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