LoopyHD Mute BUG

Not sure whats going oin here.. with my current setttings as seen in attatched photo...

I record my 1st loopl1 bar
then i set bar length to X2 so it is now 4 bars and record loop 2
I tap loop3 to get it ready to record and everything appears to be in sync and now tap loop 2 to make it mute when it reaches the top of the loop.
(what should happen is loop2 will start blinkng and will mute when it reached the top and loop 3 will star recording when they both reach the top of the measure)
What actually happens is Loop 2 count resets while loop3 continues so now loop 3 reaches top while loop 2 is playing catchup


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    cleaner picture of my Track management settings..

  • i tried to do what you described above (similar track management):
    rec loop1= 2 bars, then played loop 1.
    now doubled bar lenght to 4 bars for future recordíng,
    now recorded loop2 and played loop 2 (while loop1 played),
    now tapped loop2 (for muting)=when it came to 12 o´ clock it was muted,
    now tapped loop3 (for recording)=when it came to 12 o ´clock it started recording.

    tapping loop2 and 3=one after another before they both reached 12 o´clock.

    to me everything seems to be ok.

  • record loop 2 I tap loop3 to get it ready to record and everything appears to be in sync and now tap loop 2 to make it mute

    I think here's the issue: if you tap a loop while it's recording, it's not going to toggle mute, but toggle record. In this case, depending on when you tap, it's going to either truncate the recorded loop down to 2 bars, or it'll blank the rest of the track. This is pretty much how Loopy's designed to work. If you want to be able to set a track to mute after recording (while it's still recording), you might want to get yourself a foot pedal and have a poke through the advanced track functions in the control input screen.

    I could be misunderstanding you - it might be clearer if you show us a video of the problem, or give us a nice clear step-by-step in a numbered list.

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    Here is a video. Im tapping new loop to record and loop 2 to mute.
    as you can see when i press new loop3 to record,. loop 3 and 2 are in sync untill i press loop 2 to mute, loop 2 resets.
    So although i set loop 2 to mute when loop 3 starts recording, because loop 2 count resets.. loop2 iwill still be playing when i am recording my new loop3

  • Ahh, I get it now! Okay, I see how that could be pretty confusing. What's happening is Loopy's chaining feature is kicking in, which is used with muting tracks so that if a track's recording, the muting track will mute once that recording's finished (this facilitates certain live-looping techniques which were being requested). If you want to mute a track while a track's recording before the recording track finishes, you'll need to do so manually.

    When a track's counting in or out, the marker around the outside becomes a progress indicator showing how long there is until the trigger point. I confess there's probably room for improvement here. In that video, we're seeing the marker jump to about the 45% position, which corresponds to a total duration of the recording track's count-in (4 bars) plus the record duration (4 bars - total of 8 bars) - the recording track's about to begin recording, which is the halfway point of that total duration (it's been counting in for 4 bars, and has 4 bars of recording to go).

    Confusing? Probably... but this is pretty much deliberate behaviour. I confess that using the outer ring as a progress indicator for count in/outs may not be the best solution; I'll be addressing this in Loopy Masterpiece, and changes may be rolled back into Loopy along the way.

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