Loopy HD vs Boomerang III: Multiplying Loop Length

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I am giving HD a go, but don't like the fact that I have to multiply to create loops of different lengths. On my Boomerang, i can set a master loop and automatically create additional loops of an multiple by how I time the loop.

So, I can play a two bar rhythm and automatically play a four, eight, twelve...bar bass line without having to really count anything out or select a length via menu.

Can this be done on Loopy HD?



  • 1) Turn off the count in / out function


    2) Turn off sync tracks and get really good at timing (what I do currently using 2 Boss RC-30s to achieve different length loops)

    I think you'll find, as I did, that while the boomerange has a lot of functionality, the sheer combination of input possibilities (via hardware / interfaces plus MiDI) and flexibility of the visual interface allows Loopy to be a much more powerful tool.

    May be worth watching the vids in one of the forum posts where 'daspetey' really demonstrates the power of different length loops and the visual interface (plus his tune is so addictive)
  • Sweet! One more totally unrelated question. How do I import tracks from Loopy HD to Multitrack?
  • Probably via Audio Copy/Paste, @HarpNinja - hold a track, tap share, tap copy.

    (Thanks for the great reply, @RossBeaf! You rock!)
  • Yup, turn off the count-in. It lets you record to any length.
  • Hi guys,
    I understand that turning off "count-in/out" allows me to start and stop recording when I choose, not based on a preset length. My question is this: Are subsequently recorded loops bound to the length of the first loop?
    Also, if I want, can I turn the metronome on and set a bpm to play with while the count in/out is turned off?

  • Rusty, when you disable "count-out recording" this allows subsequent tracks to be independent of the first loop.  It can by synchronized or not.  I always enable "count-in" so my tracks are synced perfectly (but different lengths).

    You can start the metronome with count in/out turned off.  Just set your BPM, turn on metronome, and it will go.
  • Thanks @Hmtx So, let me see if I understand this.
    Metronome on, countin on and countout off. I press record on the first loop. The recording starts at the top of the next bar.
    I play for two bars, and then press record just at the top of the third bar and the loop starts.
    Now, if I press record on a second loop. I wait until the top of the first loop comes around and the recording starts, but I can stop recording at any time? Or must I stop timed with the end of a measure?

    Must subsequent loops be a multiple of the first one?

    thanks so much!

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    sounds right. with count-in enabled, you just tap in anytime and it will begin recording subsequent loops on the "1"  (when count-in quantize is set to "clock length")

    The subsequent loops will stop at multiples of the first if you have "synchronize tracks" on. They can also be divisions of the first.  1/2 or 1/4 or 1/8  :smiley:  or less if you are fast.
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