NanoKontrol Mute/Solo MIDI Binding

Hi everyone! I'm trying to map a Korg Nanokontrol (V1) to mute/solo individual tracks (among other things)
The problem I can't quite make it work like I need it to, something related to the way I'm configuring it.
I'm assigning "Toggle Mute" Bindings to the lower button of each of the first 6 tracks, it works but when I want to mute it, I have to tap it twice. I searched the forums quite a bit but I couldn't find an answer for this - could it be that I'm sending CC messages instead of some other kind? I tried replicating the binding again for OFF state, but that made it even worse... HOLD state (for Clear Track) works as expected.
I hope you can help me out, I'm pretty close to having my setup ready!
thanks :D


  • @_latinoise - I believe this is because you have Count-in/out Mute enabled. Settings > Track Management.

    When it is enabled, first tap/midi starts Mute count-in/out, second tap/midi Mute, mute immediately.

    When it is disabled, any tap/midi toggles Mute state.

  • @Ganthofer hmmm no I think that's not it - I actually have count in/out disabled
    what happens is that, once I have a track already recorded, one tap mutes it, but it needs to taps to get enabled again (or maybe it was the other way around, I don't have it in front of me right now)
    but it just doesn't work as one tap to mute / one tap to unmute, wich is the beheaviour I need

  • anyone else can help me out with this?

  • try to set the pad behaviour to ´momentary´. it seems now it´s set to ´toggle´.

  • @owi said:
    try to set the pad behaviour to ´momentary´. it seems now it´s set to ´toggle´.

    you mean in the pc editor, right? my only gripe with that is that if set to momentary, the led will not toggle, but oh well... I would rather have it work as it should. I'll give it a try, thanks!

  • well I lost the ability to have leds on/off, but it worked :)

  • i´m glad that it worked.

  • Hey check out how I used mine in this video:

    So I had to bind "Toggle Mute" to both the On and Off states of both of the bottom two buttons. This allowed me to always know what tracks were muted (because one LED would be lit), as opposed to muting a track and possibly forgetting which track it was ;)

    Now maybe that bit of thought process may help you out - you can see I had something going on like what you described in your original post. So it's possible! But I haven't used my nanokontrol in a while, so I'm not sure what problems you might be having off the top of my head. Feel free to ask for more help!

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