Best rig for me?

Hi guys!

New here, and haven't even used loopy yet. About to get an IPAD today, as well as an audio interface over the next few days. I have a few options I'm looking at, and I wanted to know the best route if I could be helped.

The first would be to get the Presonus Audiobox 1818vsl, and have my guitar and vocals run through that, into the iPad, and out again to a PA.

The second would be to go with the Behringer iSTUDIO IS202.

What I'd mainly be doing is using everything in a live setting to replace the looper I wanted (rc-300), and a secondary feature of being able to record tracks to bring to a producer for use in another studio. The third function would be to have so many awesome synths at my fingertips with my currently unused midi keyboard.

So basically guitar out to pedals, split with one signal going to amp and the other going to iPad, to PA. Vocals going straight into mixer for the IPAD, and a second "clean" mic going through a line six delay, and into the PA as well.

Also, to accomplish this, could anyone recommend any apps to use for a live setting?

I saw this video : and it seemed to be kind of how I was wanting to approach it. Thoughts?

Thank you so much!


  • Also, as an addendum, I like the approach in the video because to be able to mix my own sound before it goes out to a PA in a live format would be amazing.

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