Bindings question. Am I missing something?

I'm looking for a binding to help me with live playing, specifically for transitioning between song sections like verse to chorus or chorus to bridge. Right now I'm using the binding under advanced functions "toggle record mute then record next track". This is perfect if I'm flowing right through from one section to the next without sitting in one, but doesn't work as well for chorus chorus verse. For that I need just "mute current track then record next track" to make that transition. Am I missing the binding that does that?


  • Yupe I was just thinking the same thing the other day.. Also what would resolve some missing features would be the ability to Bind cc or incoming midi to more than just 1 action, so say.. . i could assign CC6 to mute track1 and at the same time CC6 is also assigned to track 2 mute toggle. the combined binding would give us Mute/Record action. Multi binding would lend alot of flexibility to loopyHD

  • You gents might be interested in following Loopy Masterpiece's development, then =)

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